Chidiya Ghar -1

Never announce your moves before you make them. -Leopard This photo was taken at National Zoological Park, New Delhi. I was roaming around with my college friends. One of my friends has a keen interest in animals, that's why whenever he goes to any place out of Delhi, he always searches the zoos of those... Continue Reading →


Silhouette Selfie

I tried to do something out of the box. I tried to take a silhouette style selfie 🤳 with my friends. After 6hrs, dragging ourselves to the top, we saw some amazing views, and it was worth it, as we drag ourselves to complete trek. We started the trek at 9 am in the morning,... Continue Reading →

Pack of Dogs

This picture was taken in MacLeodganj, when me and my friends were going to the hotel. We were carrying our bags, we walked around 3 to 4 kms. It was 7 o'clock in the morning, and on our way we found these dogs coming in our direction , it seemed like they were out for... Continue Reading →

Smile Please..

This photo was taken in McLeodganj, while me and my friends were going to Shiva Cafe. On our way we found these two goats blocking our way and when i took out my camera, these goats started posing , i clicked some snaps of them and after that they give us the way.


It was a fabulous experience for me. Me and my mates went for a short trek here in sandals 😂, the path was so steap that we were not able walk without the support of the railings. While we were heading up to the temple me and friends took a little break to restore our... Continue Reading →

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